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Adventures in Jelly Bean

So I finally decided I’m not willing to wait for Verizon to release Jelly Bean to the Galaxy Nexus so I rooted (will go through that adventure) and loaded Jelly Bean, and then BuglessBeast.

I started off following the directions at the aptly named http://galaxynexusroot.com/.  These guys put together a great picture and video documented walk through of rooting the Galaxy Nexus.

The Root process was rather easy except I could not for the life of me get the drivers to work for my GNex.  In the end I found a post from the most helpful of people over at AndroidCentral that included a link to an app the would reinstall the driver for me.  You’ll need to create an AndroidCentral account to download the installer if you need it.

Once you’ve rooted, I recommend installing ROM Manager, you’ll want to try out the different flavors of Jelly Ban all the developers are putting out now, and start with the base Jelly Bean ROM  here or get the BuglessBeast from Pete Alfonso’s site here, the guys over at Droid-Life did a quick write up on it.  They also have links to other Jelly Bean builds here

Check out the Google info on Jelly Bean for features  http://www.android.com/whatsnew/

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