I’ve started this blog as a sharing tool of the myriad sets of information that I previously kept in my head or on a computer…or just forgotten before I wrote it down.  The format will follow topics I’m currently interested in, but I’ll try to stay within the boundaries of technology, social networking, cars, gaming, coffee, and chocolate.

I’ve been a technology geek since I was in grade school and got my first Nintendo.  When it comes to technology and the internet I tend to dive into anything new or cutting edge, play for a while and move on ( I have to apologize to my son for his inherited ADHD).  Outside of technology I’m also an adrenalin junkie whether it comes in the form of cars, motorcycles, or a great video game. I’m trying to add exercise into this mix as well.  Coffee is my personal fuel, chocolate an indulgence.

I can happily say I’m much more grounded than I have been in the past thanks to my son and a wonderful woman who I just recently married.   She must be in love with me as she has an innate knack to deal with my idiosyncrasies….most of the time 🙂

welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy.

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