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Advanced security made easy – Google and LastPass

December 29, 2011 Leave a comment

I’ve always been interested in technology security and how it can improve the protection of our apps and devices.   Security comes in many forms; in software forms as passwords, anti-virus/malware apps, and in hardware forms as safes,  laptop locks, two factor tokens, and smartcards.  There are plenty of other more advanced solutions but they become too complex for home use.  Passwords are the simplest form of security and are also the most common target, either through social engineering or cracking.

Personally I’ve always kept a password database for myself, first starting with just a password protected spreadsheet (not recommended!) years ago and moving to more advanced solutions using KeePass  on my PC and smartphone.  For some of my accounts I’ve used two factor authentication with a pinpad, software certificate or token of some form.

I just started looking at LastPass as my next password storage solution and they announced a new feature in November that was an  Aha! moment for me.   LastPass now supports Google Authenticator, a PIN generator app for Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry.

I’m on Android ICS (4.0) with a Verizon Galaxy Nexus so don’t have the Carrier IQ worries, but even if you do have CarrierIQ (LastPass validated that it does not log your master password)…or any other key logger , the 2 factor auth negates that risk.

I’m working out my setup now will post later on the benefits.  There is some additional setup required for client applications like Chrome or Outlook that may access your Google account that I’ll detail as well.


LastPass Features ( I am working with LastPass premium for the mobile features)

Google 2-Step verification –

Google Authenticator

LastPass Google Authenticator support

LastPass Carrier IQ analysis

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