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Instagram’s ToS disaster and how Yahoo is capitalizing on it

December 22, 2012 Leave a comment





A lot of conversation is happening right now about the results of Instagram‘s announcement and retraction of it’s planned changes to it’s terms of service.  I have to agree with many of the articles that the changes would have been better for consumers than the current policy, so why was there such an uproar?

Terms of Service are usually long and written in legal speak that the general user clicks past thinking “everyone else is using it so it must be fine”.  Many new services terms of service start out vague because they aren’t quite sure what they are going to do.  As many articles have pointed out, Instagram’s original terms of service includes items about music and video, which now don’t apply.

Now for the good news!  Yahoo has taken advantage of Instagram’s plight and is offering 3 free months of Flickr Pro!

Here’s my recommendation to you before you start using a service.  Decide if your using it to share content publicly, with friends, or for personal private use.  If your intent is public, expect that all the content you are posting is visibile to everyone, and that you are providing the site the right to use it.  If your intent is to share with friends and family only, make sure the site provides you controls over privacy and application usage.  If you are using it for private personal use, do plenty of research on the product before you sign up.   In the end if you have concerns of who can see, who can use, or who ends up owning your content, read the terms of service and privacy policies and once you sign up, review the privacy controls and application controls you have access to.

Also, if your intent is for business use, do plenty of research on the product on industry site reviews, have your lawyer read through the terms of service and privacy policy, and after you sign up, go through all the settings and controls available to you.