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5 Android optimizing apps

September 15, 2012 Leave a comment

Llama logo

Llama by KebabApps

Llama is a profiles app that takes a leap beyond the long preferred BlackBerry profile system. Cell tower or GpS identified locations can be used to have llama automatically change your notification profiles based on entering an area, leaving an area, or being in an area at a specific time.

Beyond notification changes, custom events can be created based on device conditions and actions to be triggered like changing wifi, bluetooth and screen states. Llama adds a powerful system to truly automate device management.


Swiftkey 3 logo

Swiftkey 3 Keyboard by Swiftkey

The best keyboard app available…period.


Handcent SMS logo

Handcent SMS by Handcent_Market

Improve on the built-in text messaging with choice of interfaces. My favorite feature is the on screen pop-up for new messages and improved notification capabilities in Jelly Bean.


Beautiful Widgets logo

Beautiful Widgets by LevelUp Studio

If your like me and have the clock, weather, and settings widgets on your home screen, this app is for you. Combine your clock and weather into one widget with active areas for opening different apps. I open the clock by tapping the hour, settings by tapping minutes, calendar by tapping the date and weatherbug by tapping the temp, 4 widgets in one. It comes with a great set of widgets for your toggle switches for wifi, airplane mode and others.


Chrome logo

Chrome by Google

All I have to say here is get the Chrome browser on your computer, tablet, and smartphone and login to sync. Best browser available right now.